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Why Vacations In Tennessee Might Become A Few Of Your Favorites


When we take a vacation, most of us have vacations that are, in our minds, some of the best. You could have been to Disneyland before, Hawaii, or even the Caribbean. We will rank those based upon the type of experience we have had. Additionally, we may want to choose a completely different place to go, one that might not be what we would believe to be vacation material. Instead of wondering where you should go, you should consider planning a trip to Tennessee, one of the most unique states that we have.

What Makes A Tennessee Vacation Memorable?

Vacations in Tennessee are memorable for many different reasons. On a very basic level, there are wonderful places that you can visit like Chattanooga or Knoxville. Most people, however, will choose Nashville or Memphis. It’s really what you do in the cities that becomes the memory, not so much looking at the cities. However, you might remember a Segway ride that takes you all throughout these different locations because they are really a lot of fun. What makes them memorable are the unique aspects of the things that can only be found in this state. Let’s look at a few of them right now.

Three Memorable Places You Can Visit In Tennessee

Although you could do tours of very memorable places like the Grand Ole Opry house, you might consider something like Foxfire Mountain Adventures. This is actually located in Sevierville, a place in Tennessee that you may not have heard of before. What you get to do ziplines, swing from ropes, and take amphibious rides plus walk across to a suspension bridge. This is something that you will definitely remember, and it is actually just outside of Dollywood in Pigeon Forge. The other two places that you should go would include Dollywood, and also Graceland in Memphis. These are two destinations that everybody needs to see at least once.

Your vacation in Tennessee may only last a week. During that time, you have to make it count. By simply doing the zip lines, and visiting Dollywood in Graceland, it’s going to make a very strong emotional moment in your life. It will make your trip to this state extremely memorable because it will be exciting. You should think about scheduling a trip today that may become one of your favorites.