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Three Cities That You Will Want To Visit In Tennessee As Soon As Possible


Have you ever just felt like getting in the car and going for a road trip. Unless you are in college and spring break is right around the corner, it is more than likely not something you can do at the moment. However, we did find three cities in Tennessee, that you will want to have on your destination list should you have the time to go on an impromptu road trip.

One of the first cities on your destination list in Tennessee should be Johnson City. However, this is one of those special cities that you will want to save until the fall season. Johnson City is located right in the Great Smoky Mountains and it offers some of the most spectacular views you could ever imagine. In addition, it offers a healthy serving of southern hospitality that you may not have ever had. This is the type f town you would expect to find in an older feel good movie, yet here it is right in Tennessee.

If you happen to be in Nashville and find that the big city is just getting to be too much all you have to do is hop and skip right down the road to Columbia. This small town is everything you could ever hope for in a small town. You just might fall in love with this town enough that you consider a permanent move here. This town has all the charm and fun you would expect from a small southern town. Come for the day and prepare to spend a week!

For those of you who are looking to get lost and enjoy a whole lot of excitement, you will need to head to Tellico Plains. This small rural town is well off the grid and is perfect if you are looking for a destination to get lost and not found! There is plenty to do here, especially if you are looking for fun and unusual outdoor activities. Take the day for hiking, boating, or spend the evening camping. There are few locations that are as beautiful as Tellico Plains, so be sure to let it all soak in.

If you are getting the desire to get in your car and take the drive to Tennessee, we have succeeded. Life is too short to be stuck in the city! Come out here and enjoy these small towns and get back to what makes life great!